Mount Oval Childcare: Classes

Baby Room (6 months - 12 to 14 months)

Ratio: 1:3

Mount Oval Childcare staff will use all available educational equipment to offer a fully stimulating day for your baby, with lots of eye to eye contact, cuddles and hugs, songs and rhymes, flash cards and other activities designed to encourage and promote development and learning. Your child will have access to a variety of toys which of course we aim to make each child’s day as much fun as possible and regularly change the equipment round in the room to offer interest and diversity.

We use songs and rhymes to begin your child’s language stimulation, allowing them to hear a range of sounds and tones and encouraging them to try out new sounds themselves.

We will play games to extend each child’s sensorial experiences and to develop social skills with their peers. We have a range of toys that are designed to stimulate the senses in their shape and use of colour and pattern.

The programme will allow for babies sleeping and feeding routines to be integrated smoothly into their day. Staff will give a daily report to all parents at collection time.

Childcare Rochestown, Cork - Baby Room

Fledgling Room (1 year - 2 years)

Ratio: 1:5

On joining the fledgling room, staff will gently allow your child to adjust to the room routine; children will eat at the same times to promote social interaction. Our Fledgling room is set up to reflect a petit classroom which allows the children to get used to sitting on chairs at the table for activities and eating times.

Activity programmes are on display in the room and will be planned ahead by all staff and followed daily by the children to allow a structured routine that children can thrive on. All activities and equipment are development appropriate to aid stimulation for cognitive progression; Jigsaws, building blocks, sorting trays & construction equipment are used to aid physical development. Dancing, climbing and running are part of the daily curriculum. Stories, songs and rhymes stimulate linguistic skills and fire the imagination alongside role play equipment to allow children the opportunity to pretend play. The class is organised to allow each child to explore the separate activity areas and to take part in group activities and story times. We aim to offer the children the challenge of new activities daily, they will participate in creative craft work, jigsaw puzzles, construction activities, music & dance as well as having periods for relaxation.

During the day we have use of our own outside play area to offer them further physical stimulation and lots of fresh air. We will take the children out to play in all weather except extreme cold/wet and therefore we ask that you do not send your child to school if they are not well enough to participate in outdoor play and that you ensure they have appropriate outdoor clothing available for hot or cold days.

Staff will provide a daily report at collection time and will be happy to discuss your child’s progress in detail as required

Childcare Rochestown Cork

Toddler Room (2 Years-3 Years)

Ratio: 1:6

Our Toddler room is an extension of the Fledgling routine, offering the older children a slightly more formal setting in which to explore their language and pre-maths skills and as well as learn their colours and numbers. The room is laid out with the all the areas of learning in mind to provide a stimulating environment and activity program. The children will participate in sand and water play, arts and craft work, construction work, floor work and group activities to stretch their ability and challenge their minds!
Your child will have the opportunity to play outside on fine days and will also have a scheduled rest time during the programme
Toddler room has its own training toilets and changing facilities to allow potty training.

You will receive a daily report at collection time detailing specified activities your child has participated in that day, his or her toileting information and food intake. Please remember to collect your child’s work which will be sent home regularly.

Creches in Rochestown, Cork

Pre School Room (3 Years- School Going Age)

Ratio: 1:8

Mount Oval Chidcare runs a full Pre School and Montessori education programme for children from aged three to school age years following the Pre School & Montessori method of promoting independence and individual choice, enabling all children to gain vital education skills at their own pace. Montessori lessons will take place in the morning and the afternoon and will be complemented by a full programme of physical, social and imaginative play for the rest of the day.

Your child will participate in plays and music concerts during festivals and end of year graduation that you will be invited along to watch.

Off site trips and outings will take place in summer months and at Christmas time to allow us to introduce your child to further stimulating environments such as the zoo, pets farms, museums, Santa clause, etc., that will be part of the topic programme and will offer visual and sensorial reinforcement of classroom lessons.

You will receive a comprehensive written report on your child’s progress at the end of each term and a daily report after each session

Montessori Rochestown Cork

Pre-School (2.5 Years- School Going Age)

Ratio: 1:11

Our Sessional Pre-School runs on a term time each year which incorporated the ECCE Preschool Year for the morning only
The care and education programme for this age group complements the development stage of your child to allow small and large group activities, fine and gross motor activities, physical play both inside and outside and a variety of fun to do baking, arts and crafts and sand and water play. Pre Montessori work will also be part of the daily programme for this group.

Please look on your room notice board for monthly topics carried out and for notices asking you to bring in any articles we may require from home to use in our programme, such as photographs for displays, etc. Your child’s birthday will be celebrated at Mount Oval Childcare with a group party on the day of or on the nearest scheduled day to their actual birth date. You will have regular items to collect from the nursery that your child has made as part of their programme.

Pre School Rochestown Cork

Afterschool (School Going Age-12 Years)

Ratio: 1:11

Children will be collected from local schools and brought back to Mount Oval Childcare. Children coming from school are provided with a hot meal.

School age activities at Mount Oval Childcare will allow for a supervised homework time as well as a broad range of activities designed to offer a more relaxed schedule than your child’s busy morning. Arts and crafts, board games, reading areas, and limited television/computer games will be available in comfortable surroundings. Mount Oval Childcare also provides sports, science, drama and other group activities to stimulate your child’s appetite for physical and emotional development. During the day we have use of our own outside play area.

During summer months and mid-term breaks Mount Oval Childcare will have various camp activities which will include indoor and outdoor games with themed activities.

After School Rochestown Cork

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